Hysterectomies at the Border: A Whistle blower reports. (2)

Immigration is a hot topic in today’s socio-political environment. We cannot afford to stand on the fence on this matter revolves around issues of human dignity and respect and about caring for the welfare of others.

In the video below I touch on the issue of who are immigrants, link them with the identity of America and endeavor to explain why they come . I also express my outrage at the report that hysterectomies’ were being performed on these unrepresented and undocumented immigrants at detention camps without their consent. This atrocity is reminiscent of Dr. Sim’s and Dr. Mengele’s similar operations on disenfranchised slaves and on imprisoned Jews

Midway through the video I share a poem that reflects my feelings of disgust at this situation.

Hysterectomies at the Border: A Whistleblower’s Story

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A whistle blower – an inhouse nurse – reported that Hysterectomies were being performed on female undocumented immigrants without their consent in Georgia . I feel outrage at this situation. I think this  is reminiscent of Hitler’s Auschwitz and Dr Sims the notorious doctor who performed such painful and unconsented surgeries on defenseless, voiceless slaves without anesthetics. I express my outrage in verse feeling in verse the below:

Say it isn’t true

That it’s but a rumor

Unholy hands dragging

Sacred items from mother’ guts

Womb fragments flying all around

Trace elements condemn

That which high circles commend

Raided wombs

a world gone staring mad

Auschwitz: How death camp became centre of Nazi Holocaust - BBC News

Josef Mengele’s Auschwitz

Southern Hysterectomies

On Undocumented, unsupported,



Sims’ gynecological injuries

Uninformed Consent: The History of Black Healthcare in America | by William  Spivey | Democracy Guardian

Once more, on those  

Defined as “less”

Abuse performed in secret

But then Abuse is always secret

It is, until with cat-like grace

the panther strikes

 with whistle blowing loudly

This too was kept in hush

Until the impassioned nurse

Who is bold as she is brave

Called out the “uterus collector”

Let’s pray she’s not speaking astride of her grave

Where history by pattern is wont to denote and condemn her

Revealing civil atrocities?

Why, brave one ?

Brave fighters become dead fighters

Who will keep you safe now dear

Why did you show your real face.

My mothers belly already grieves for you

Your children, your mother

And for your mother’s children

I know you did right

And I applaud

The immigrant calluses you did expose

Holocaust and slavery

Stands with you

In collaborative condemnation

Of the southern duplication

I am weak but thou art strong

Shield this nurse and kindred others  

From repercussive future harm

By Ingrid Rizzolo

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Marriage and Materialism: Is all Well in Melania Trump’s Paradise?

Melania Trump pulls her hand away from Donald Trump's as they step off Air  Force One | US News | Sky News

This issue surrounding Melania Trump’s refusal to hold hands with President Trump as they exit Airforce 1 on August 17th, 2020 is confusing. This is about the second time we have witnessed her unwillingness to hold President Trump”s hands in public. The question is – why?

First lady's hand swat a viral sensation - CNNPolitics

To begin Marriage is a legal union sanctioned by God. It is informed by love, intimacy and companionship considerations. To some degree Mrs Trump wants the companionship of her husband as her presence with him clearly indicates. However, the litmus test of the body language – that nonverbal communicator – is sending out mixed signals. Perhaps it Is communicating to us the emotional status of the marriage. One can only guess. But to the keen onlooker her unwillingness to touch wordlessly signals all is not well in paradise.

This Slovenian-American beauty, Melania Knauss, married the Donald in 2005 and rose to be The First Lady of the Free world. What an achievement! But does this achievement come with a cost? Having gained citizenship status in 2006, Melania seems to be living her American Dream, – a fairy tale or is she?

But fairy tales are just that- tales.

Could it be that the allure of material gain faded as it did not provide this former model with the satisfying relationship her heart desired. Every woman wants her husband not just the materials some are wont to give. When material values trump the nurturing a the marriage either partner, in this case Melania, may settle for a satisficing relationship as opposed to a satisfying one.

A reversal of valuings can serve as a mitigating factor to achieve satisfying outcomes for Melania. Perhaps the resulting satisfying relationship she would empower her rise above satisficing accommodations, to display gestures reflective of the intimacy they share in private.


Communities in Mourning

Jacob Blake Is Paralyzed from the Waist Down: Dad | PEOPLE.com
Jacob Blake
Kenosha victims ID'ed as Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum - New York Daily  News
Joseph Rosenbaum and Athony Huber
Louisville police changes policies after killing EMT Breonna Taylor - New  York Daily News
Breonna Taylor
The Killing of Elijah McClain: Everything We Know
Elijah McClain
Timeline: The impact of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis and beyond -  ABC News
George Floyd

Ahmad Arbury Elijah MClain, Breonna Taylor, Akai Gurley, Tamir Rice, Rayshad Brooks, Michael brown, George Floyd…. You know the name of drill Would the body count continue?

Conrad’s heart of Darkness seems to find a parallel in the current environment. This horrendous attack on unarmed black man and killing of so many others is transforming our communities to sepulchral cities.

After the series of protests that swept across the US in the wake of the brutal killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police, we thought change was coming. But not many days later Black communities were thrown into further mourning when Rayshard Brooks another unarmed Black man suffered a similar fate. More was yet to come. Kenosha, Wisconsin became the site of yet another horrendous shooting of another unarmed Black man Jacob Blake. This threw into havoc the tenuous accommodations towards making a fragile peace with the situation Black communities were striving to create up to that time. Our world was thrown into chaos once more.

Are protests going to be a CONSTANT IN OUR LIVES? Will we ever achieve true citizenship rights and freedoms accorded to others?

At this point we take note of others who have fought and are fighting with us and for us; for the rights and freedoms of African Americans. Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum, pictured below, did so and paid for it with their lives. Is this the fate of those who dare to align themselves with Black bodies? Do we dare to reimagine a better future for African Americans in the land of the free and the home of the brave?