Hysterectomies at the Border: A Whistleblower’s Story

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A whistle blower – an inhouse nurse – reported that Hysterectomies were being performed on female undocumented immigrants without their consent in Georgia . I feel outrage at this situation. I think this  is reminiscent of Hitler’s Auschwitz and Dr Sims the notorious doctor who performed such painful and unconsented surgeries on defenseless, voiceless slaves without anesthetics. I express my outrage in verse feeling in verse the below:

Say it isn’t true

That it’s but a rumor

Unholy hands dragging

Sacred items from mother’ guts

Womb fragments flying all around

Trace elements condemn

That which high circles commend

Raided wombs

a world gone staring mad

Auschwitz: How death camp became centre of Nazi Holocaust - BBC News

Josef Mengele’s Auschwitz

Southern Hysterectomies

On Undocumented, unsupported,



Sims’ gynecological injuries

Uninformed Consent: The History of Black Healthcare in America | by William  Spivey | Democracy Guardian

Once more, on those  

Defined as “less”

Abuse performed in secret

But then Abuse is always secret

It is, until with cat-like grace

the panther strikes

 with whistle blowing loudly

This too was kept in hush

Until the impassioned nurse

Who is bold as she is brave

Called out the “uterus collector”

Let’s pray she’s not speaking astride of her grave

Where history by pattern is wont to denote and condemn her

Revealing civil atrocities?

Why, brave one ?

Brave fighters become dead fighters

Who will keep you safe now dear

Why did you show your real face.

My mothers belly already grieves for you

Your children, your mother

And for your mother’s children

I know you did right

And I applaud

The immigrant calluses you did expose

Holocaust and slavery

Stands with you

In collaborative condemnation

Of the southern duplication

I am weak but thou art strong

Shield this nurse and kindred others  

From repercussive future harm

By Ingrid Rizzolo

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Published by Ingrid Rizzolo

I am a believer in the sovereignty of God. He is offering to be our partner on the long and winding journey of life

12 thoughts on “Hysterectomies at the Border: A Whistleblower’s Story

  1. Powerful words. I have not heard of this happening. I hope that the whistleblower nurse is safe, she is so strong to bring this to light. This brings sadness to my heart.


  2. I have not heard of this either…. I did though hear that China is building concentration camps and using them for the Muslims that they are enslaving AND they are also sterilizing the females. Add to that they they are forcing them to drink alcohol and eat pork which is against their religion and it is an atrocity that the world seems to be ignoring. This is a horrible thing and I am definitely going to do my research on Georgia to learn more about this horrible situation. Really disgusting.


  3. Wow this is super crazy and scary. I had not known this was a problem and I too hope for the whist blowers safety and am glad that she is so brave to bring this to light. Very sad 😦


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