Hysterectomies at the Border: A Whistle blower reports. (2)

Immigration is a hot topic in today’s socio-political environment. We cannot afford to stand on the fence on this matter revolves around issues of human dignity and respect and about caring for the welfare of others.

In the video below I touch on the issue of who are immigrants, link them with the identity of America and endeavor to explain why they come . I also express my outrage at the report that hysterectomies’ were being performed on these unrepresented and undocumented immigrants at detention camps without their consent. This atrocity is reminiscent of Dr. Sim’s and Dr. Mengele’s similar operations on disenfranchised slaves and on imprisoned Jews

Midway through the video I share a poem that reflects my feelings of disgust at this situation.

Published by Ingrid Rizzolo

I am a believer in the sovereignty of God. He is offering to be our partner on the long and winding journey of life

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