Hysterectomies at the Border: A Whistle blower reports. (2)

Immigration is a hot topic in today’s socio-political environment. We cannot afford to stand on the fence on this matter revolves around issues of human dignity and respect and about caring for the welfare of others. In the video below I touch on the issue of who are immigrants, link them with the identity ofContinue reading “Hysterectomies at the Border: A Whistle blower reports. (2)”

Hysterectomies at the Border: A Whistleblower’s Story

Hysterectomies on the undocumented #hysterectiomies #undocumented # whistleblowernurse #hysterectomiesinGeorgia #Dr Sims, #DrMengele #Auschwitz A whistle blower – an inhouse nurse – reported that Hysterectomies were being performed on female undocumented immigrants without their consent in Georgia . I feel outrage at this situation. I think this  is reminiscent of Hitler’s Auschwitz and Dr Sims theContinue reading “Hysterectomies at the Border: A Whistleblower’s Story”

Marriage and Materialism: Is all Well in Melania Trump’s Paradise?

This issue surrounding Melania Trump’s refusal to hold hands with President Trump as they exit Airforce 1 on August 17th, 2020 is confusing. This is about the second time we have witnessed her unwillingness to hold President Trump”s hands in public. The question is – why? To begin Marriage is a legal union sanctioned byContinue reading “Marriage and Materialism: Is all Well in Melania Trump’s Paradise?”

Communities in Mourning

Ahmad Arbury Elijah MClain, Breonna Taylor, Akai Gurley, Tamir Rice, Rayshad Brooks, Michael brown, George Floyd…. You know the name of drill Would the body count continue? Conrad’s heart of Darkness seems to find a parallel in the current environment. This horrendous attack on unarmed black man and killing of so many others is transformingContinue reading “Communities in Mourning”